Author: Richard Barnett

159th Regular Meeting of the Leicestershire and Rutland Rotary Lodge No. 9158 held on 18th April 2018 at the Masonic Hall, Broad Street, Syston, Leicester.

The Ceremony was double first to welcome into the Lodge Bro. Anthony Frederick Cox and Bro. Michael Henry Thompkins. The Ceremony was overseen by our WM W,Bro Alastair Wood ably assisted by the DC. Wo.Bro Kieth Web and ADC W.Bro Bernard Ball.

The Ceremony seemed to go very well indeed and apart from a little apprehension at the start as this was a first for most of the brethren taking part, was greatly enjoyed by all.  The ceremony was followed with the Festive Board where the new Brothers were toasted by the WM and welcomed into the Lodge.  Each candidate was presented with a copy of the summons for the evening signed by all the Brethren Present.

At the end of the evening the Entered apprentice song was sung and a demonstration and explanation of the Masonic Chain was given by Wo.Bro Barry Hasdell.

Wednesday the 18th February 2017 saw W. Bro. Peter Grainger installed in the masters chair for 2017. The Assistant Provincial Grand Master the V. W. Bro. Peter C Kinder was present which added extra incentive to deliver a good Ceremony, which I believe we did.  Unfortunately, the Lodge numbers were slightly depleted due to illness, so we take this opportunity to wish you all a speedy recovery.

The new Master W. Bro. Peter Grainger and IPM W. Bro Roger McDermott

The new Master and Lodge Officers

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