The original concept to form the Lodge was born in the Autumn of 1983 at a Rotary social and fund raising evening.  The idea was to bring together the mutual aims of Masons and Rotarians; this was reflected in the wording of the application form put forward to the Grand Lodge “To bring together two great organisations whose aims are to serve the community at home and internationally and to ease the burden and distress of our fellow men”

The warrant for the new Lodge – The Leicester and Rutland Rotary Lodge No 9158 was granted on March 13th 1985

A Lodge Banner – the Rotary Roundel with Square and Compass Surmounted was designed and the Lodge was consecrated on October 31st 1985 by Right Worshipful Bro. Gayton C Taylor the then Provincial Grand Master.


W.Bro. Peter A. BickleyW.Bro. Geoffrey W. Ballard
W.Bro. Henry W. ArcherW.Bro. Allan F. R. Wilson
W.Bro. Frank E. NorburnBro. John W. D. Baxter
Bro. John Fox-RussellBro. James A. Broughton
Bro. Colin C. BirleyW.Bro. W. Jack Dark
W.Bro. Alan SimpsonBro. Alan Pulford
W.Bro. Joseph L. S. PartonW.Bro. Bernard Chamberlain
Bro. Andrew S. HillW.Bro. Trevor H. Harris
Bro. Alan RobertsW.Bro. John Coleman
Bro. Neville F. HackettBro. Anthony J. Whinnett
W.Bro. Jack F. AndrewsBro. John E. Powderly
Bro. Geoffrey W. FillinghamBro. Peter M. Jackson
Bro. F. Reginald BirchBro. Andrew Clark


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